Our Program

Our Mission:

To ensure that all people impacted by cancer are
Empowered by knowledge,
Strengthened by action, and
Sustained by community.

 At Gilda’s Club Louisville you will find strength and comfort from members sharing their experiences and wisdom.  We are men, women, children, a small-but-mighty team, a passionate board and dedicated volunteers.  Together we create a program of support unlike any other.

It’s about living your life when cancer is a part of it. Your clubhouse offers a program of support from which you choose those experiences that are most useful to you. This includes:

Support and Networking Groups

Your clubhouse offers ongoing peer-based support groups facilitated by licensed professionals for those with a diagnosis, their family and friends, survivors who are post treatment and members who are bereaved. We offer the area’s only ongoing support groups for youth. Members interested in support groups must complete a One2One and be referred into the group that would most benefit them.

Your clubhouse also offers smaller, more focused groups organized around cancer challenges or other interests members share in common. These opportunities emphasize education and the sharing of information between participants. 

To talk with a team member about joining a Support or Networking Group, click here

Family Focus

At your clubhouse, we define family however you do. Sometimes families need a little extra support. We offer time-limited, solution-focused counseling to help your family address particularly difficult moments that are an inevitable part of a cancer journey.

To talk with a team member about arranging a Family Focus, click here

Team Convene

Cancer takes community and anyone living with cancer draws upon his or her team of support. When a team works, it works.  If, however, your team is working less effectively and needs shoring up or refocusing – or for those members who find themselves without such a team – we offer Team Convene.  These meetings are designed to enhance your team’s resilience and focus to enable everyone to better navigate a cancer journey together.

To talk with a team member about arranging a Team Convene, click here

Open to Options

With a new cancer diagnosis comes an overwhelming amount of information and the necessity of making important treatment decisions. Open to Options is an evidence-based support that helps you think through the important initial conversations you will have with your oncologist and treatment team. It is not prescriptive. Rather, it is a guided conversation to assist you in articulating the questions, concerns and considerations you wish to be included in these early, vital conversations. You will be provided a summary document that you can take with you, allowing you to play an active role in your care while ensuring your priority concerns are addressed.

To talk with a team member about arranging an Open to Options meeting, click here

Cancer Education

Cancer education may address particular diagnoses, treatments, side-effects and survivor challenges, but can also address topics like insurance, finances, legal issues, parenting, couple-hood and relationships, intimacy and sexuality, communications, advanced directives, nutrition and more.

To learn about upcoming Education Opportunities, click here

Healthy Lifestyles

You are more than a cancer diagnosis. You are a whole person on a cancer journey. Your clubhouse provides a variety of offerings that feed your mind, body and spirit—with a particular interest in promoting health and wellness. These offerings include Yoga and Chair Yoga, QiGong, Tai Chi, Pilates, Nutrition Classes, Cooking Classes, Art Classes, Music Workshops, Meditation, Relaxation, Breathing, Spirituality and much more.

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Social Connections

At your clubhouse you will meet others who get it—without having to explain or apologize—because they share a similar journey. Your clubhouse offers a host of social events—large and small—to help widen your circle of support. Come let your hair down (or take it off) and join us for gatherings like Potlucks and Parties, Book Clubs, Game Nights, Karaoke, Member Talent Nights, Concerts, Comedy Nights, Lock-Ins, Day Camps, Street Dances, Ice-Cream Socials, Holiday Dinners and much more.

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Resource and Referral

Cancer takes community—and sometimes a whole lot more. For those times when you and your family may need support beyond your clubhouse program, we offer confidential guidance and referral to additional community and national resources.

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Free and open to all people living with cancer and those who love them.